Chimney stack problems. Pointing chimney brickwork, replacing missing lead flashing, removing redundant chimney pots or fitting rain hood to the top of chimney pots. Curing damp bedroom ceilings and condensation problems. Here at Manchester Roofing Services we pride ourselves on carrying out an effective roof repair. And at a reasonable cost. We do not charge a call out fee to come and inspect your leaking rooftops. Our estimates are free of charge. We can call after 5pm or at weekends for those that work. We will call and take a look at your roof or chimney stack. We will give you a written no obligation estimate for any work that you feel needs to be carried out.
Chimney stack repairs around Manchester
Why not phone me on      07765 021 699
and speak with me directly.   We can discuss the problem you have with your chimney stack. I could arrange a suitable time to call and look at your damp issues. Inspect your chimney stack and offer a free no obligation estimate for my work.
My estimates are free of charge
I've over forty years experience fixing roofs around the Manchester area. I started out way back in 1970 and have been a reliable local Manchester roofer to many of my satisfied customers during that time. I have built up a good reputation as a reliable local roofer and often get recommended for other roofing repair work.
Telephone: -  0161  744  0070
Chimney stacks pointed
Lead flashing replacement
Cement work to chimney pots
Cowls fitted to chimney pots
Chimney pots removed and capped
Weeds cleared around chimneys
Damp problems cured

I carry out insurance storm damage roof repairs
I offer free no obligation estimates for all my repair work.

We guarantee the majority of our work.  We cure damp bedroom ceilings. We know what to do to eliminate all types of roofing problems and leaks.

We are roofers who operate around the Manchester suburbs. We cover most areas of Greater Manchester carrying out roof repair work around Swinton, Eccles, Pendlebury, Broughton, Salford, Wythenshawe,  Sale, Urmston, Flixton, Cadishead, Irlam.
Slate and roof tile repair work carried out around Greater Manchester
We replace missing or dislodged roof slates or tiles. We re slate or just repair and improve the condition of old leaking rooftops.
We cover most areas of Manchester carrying out reliable roof repair work
All types of chimney work undertaken.    We lower or remove chimneys. We slate or tile over. We repair or replace lead flashing
I grind out and repoint the brickwork on chimney stacks.
I make chimneys watertight.
I repair or replace the lead flashing on chimneys.
I stock in my yard secondhand and new chimney pots and gas cowls. I have a good range to do a proper efficient job.
I am a fully fledged roofing contractor carrying out all types of roof, chimney and gutter repair work. I work in most areas of Manchester and specialise in the carrying out of small to medium sized roof maintenance and repair work. So whether it is a few slates that require fixing, a leaking gutter that requires cleaning or a chimney stack problem that requires ventilation. Please don't hesitate. Call me. I'm here to assist you. To look at your problem and offer a free no obligation estimate for any rooftop work you need doing. I guarantee the majority of my repairs. I put it in writing. I'll always leave you with a receipt with my name and address printed on it.  My telephone contact details and the length of the guarantee I give for that particular job in writing.

Gutter cleaning and repair  -  Gutter replacement  -  Ridge Tile pointing  -  Roof cleaning  -  Dry verges fitted  -  Chimney cowls

Chimney stack brickwork pointed  -  Chimney pots removed or fitted  -  Chimney cowls fitted  - Bird cages installed

Free estimates      -     Guaranteed roof repair work    -    40 years experience in the roofing trade is a registered trading style of CHARLES BATES Roofing Services of  Manchester M44
He has worked as a general roofing contractor covering the Greater Manchester area since 1972.     He guarantees his roof repair work.